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What is matkot?

Many people consider Matkot to be the unofficial national Israeli sport!  It's been played on these gorgeous beaches since the founding of the country.  Matkot is a game with no rules, no score, no winners and no losers. It's the only game like it!! It’s usually played in pairs but it can be played in threes and fours. It's generally played close to the beach but can also be played on the grass, pavement or even in a gym.  The paddles are formed from carbon fiber and wood and made by local craftsman, some making matka paddles for decades.  

The object of the game is to keep the ball going as long as possible, while challenging your partner to get better and as they get better so do you.  The magic happens when the players form a "bond" and a "connection" and continually feed off each other to bring the game to a higher and higher level.  One of the most unique things about this game is that people of all ages, body types and abilities can play and even excel!  It is easy to learn, very portable, a great way to stay in shape and lots of fun too!

This is a unique and special game that is a "must do" on your next trip to Israel.  But be warned, it can become seriously addicting! 

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Our teachers

Learn how to master the Matkot game with our amazing teachers. 

Nissan Levi

Nissan lives in Tel Aviv and has been playing Matkot for most of his life.  He is one of the premier players on the beach and is one of the few players who has mastered playing the game with two paddles. His philosophy on matkot is that it is a game about “love and freedom” and his favorite time of day is playing a great game of Matkot while the sun sets over the amazing Tel Aviv beaches.  

Ilan Tordjman

Ilan moved to Israel from France 6 years ago but has been playing Matkot since he first started visiting Israel when he was a young boy. He's quickly become one of the best players on the beach and is one of the most sought after players due to his ability to play both offense and defense at a high level as well as his incredible accuracy and aim. One of his favorite things about Matkot is that it is a great equalizer and crosses all socio-economic boundaries- anyone can play and excel…all you need is a paddle, a ball and an open space…and of course some great “Israeli” spirit!

Lilach Or Solomon

Lilach found her passion to Matkot 4 years ago when she started living on the beachfront of Tel aviv.  She found herself spending a lot of time at Geula beach (the most popular Matkot beach in Tel Aviv) and  she was mesmerized by the game. It didn't take long until she started playing herself. Lilach believes that you can learn a lot about a person by the way they play since Matkot brings out a lot of body language expressions.  She also finds that playing Matkot is a great way to practice mindfulness.  In fact, it is a form of meditatin for her and she loves the diversity that Matkot brings, it is a game for everyone!

Ameed Slayeh

Ameed grew up in Nazareth, Israel’s largest city in North.  He fell in love with Matkot shortly after moving to Tel Aviv, 15 years ago, and that love grows more every time he play!  For Ameed, in addition to being an amazing workout, one of the best things about Matkot is the connection you make with the people you are playing with.  He believes that the personal connection that is formed during the game is one of the most magical things about the game and it is a place where everyone is equal…it’s just the ball, the paddle and the beach…When Ameed, isn’t playing Matkot he enjoys sports of all kinds, hip-hop dance and even some acting!  

Adi Morag

Adi has lived in Tel Aviv most of his life and has been a major force on the Matkot scene. He plays all styles: single and double handed, free style and traditional play as well as offense and defense.  In addition to being a great matkot player he is an avid surfer, father and an amazing musician.  He plays the Marimba professionally under the name "Marimba Rasta" where his videos have gotten millions of views on YouTube. 


Ronen is originally from Bat Yam and has been playing Matkot since he was a boy.  He is one of the best and most well respected players on the Matkot scene.  He is also one of the most welcoming and generous with his time.  He is a great and versatile teacher who has lots of patience for beginners and enough power to challenge even the most skilled players.  

mona henoch

Mona was raised on Nantucket Island, MA, USA which is one of the few places Matkot is played in America.  So she was thrilled when she moved to Israel 10 years ago that she was able to take up the game again and integrate it into her physical fitness routine.  For Mona, one of the best things about Matkot is that it combines the beach, a great social scene and keeps you in great shape at the same time!  



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